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Warm congratulations on the success of the homecoming celebr

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On December 28, 2017, with golden dawn, our company, hunan hongrui wenbo group, told you with a lively housewarming celebration that we "" moved" "!Xu wuhong, general manager of hunan hongrui wenbo group, and three board representatives, li qing, lu zhonghua and li baiyun, jointly opened the plaque of "hongrui documents group", symbolizing hongrui wenbo's new journey.

In high rendition of the national anthem, general manager Xu Wuhong generous delivered a speech on the opening ceremony, the company after seven years of ups and downs, overcome difficult, just had today's achievement, sincerely expressed thanks to every employee, at the same time, expect every macro rui people in the new office environment, sails, make new achievements.The speech was sincere and the staff were moved.In the end, the general manager had a vision for the company -- that the hongrui wenbo group would march toward higher and better goals based on the new building.

The new company is located on the 35th floor of xinmao building, kaiyuan road, economic and technological development zone, changsha. It covers an area of more than 1400 square meters.For every hongrui person, it is not only an exciting news, but also represents the company's rapid development in the past seven years, which is closely related to the efforts of every member of the company.

Seven years during the spring and autumn, and macro wenbo uphold the "integrity, gratitude, concentric, excellence" business philosophy, in the field of wenbo set a good corporate reputation, successively in "dongying cup" Chinese good technology and productivity promotion award, won the "China award", top ten wenbo contest won "outstanding award" and other honorary awards.

We have set up a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries and established several branches across the country.The company has applied for 33 patents, including 1 invention patent and 32 utility model patents.Five trademarks were registered.It has served over 300 museums.

We are not proud, we are not impetuous, look at the past, we have worked hard, so no shame;Show Ming dynasty, we kneel, full of aspiration!

The successful housewarming celebration is an important milestone in the development of hunan hongruiwenbo group, and also marks that hunan hongruiwenbo group has planted new wings and flapped its wings to fly on the journey.New starting point, new journey, new splendor.Warm congratulations on the success of the homecoming celebration of hongruiwenbo group!!