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We have been together for eight years, thank you!

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To every hongrui family:

On June 7th, our hongrui wenbo group ushered in its 8th birthday, and held hongrui's 8th birthday Party in huxiang mantang. The group headquarters staff gathered together to celebrate hongrui wenbo group's 8th birthday!!


Eight years later, hiro wenbo has grown from a few people when he was founded on June 7, 2010 to a large family of hundreds today.The company can obtain today's result, cannot leave your unremitting efforts.


Thank you for your hard work for several years, thank you for your loyalty, dedication and trust to the company. Thank you for choosing to work for hongrui despite difficulties and challenges. Thank you for your support to the company and strictly abide by the company system.

Be thankful that we have come so far and we will go further.

To every customer and partner of hongrui:

We are grateful for our hands. We know that every progress and success made by hongrui cannot be achieved without your concern, trust, support and participation.Your every time suggestion, every time affirmation, let us rejoice unceasingly, urge us to forge ahead ceaselessly.Is you, let us have enough confidence and greater strength in the journey.Hongrui will also provide you with better products and services to repay your choice.Thank you for your support.

In boyhood, the three-dimensional world, because of the time, has the vertical depth.And hong ruiwenbo most want to write into the three quotations book, is you.