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Cultural relics packing box

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Traditional hand-made wooden cases

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  1. Toon Wood
  2. Toon Wood
  3. Bamboo
  1. Pine
  2. Nanmu
  3. Paulownia
The company's traditional handmade wooden capsule is made of pure and natural wood materials.The capsule is divided into the external casing and the inner capsule, and the outer box of the wooden capsule is ancient, simple and magnificent.The different characteristics and properties of wood are used to make the capsule of various cultural relics.Different materials can be used in different areas.The inner capsule is filled with shockproof cotton according to the size of the relic, and can be intact even when the objects are placed in the capsule.Wooden capsule box hardware small also very fastidious, small pieces are made of brass hardware using the traditional xiangyun, butterflies, such as design, restore ancient ways and beautiful at the same time the structure of the box can reinforce the sac sac box is more durable.



Features: light orange, soft texture, quiet texture, no shrinkage, hard wood, no rot, no fragrant, slow growth of wood, rare wood, superior wood material.



Features: The wood has a loose aroma, a pale yellow color, and a quick response to atmospheric temperatures. Wood is elastic and breathable and resistant to corrosion.


Name: Paulownia

Features: The material is light and tough, not curved, not deformed, and the wood color is bright and the texture is straight. Moisture-proof, moisture-resistant, corrosion-resistant, strong electrical insulation, low thermal conductivity, no smoke, moisture, and insects.


Name:Toon Wood

Features: wood has aroma, fine wood, fine texture, beautiful patterns. The texture is tough and gentle, not easy to break, and is not prone to cracks. Wood is insect-proof, moisture-proof and mildew-proof.