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Cultural relics packing box

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Modern technology acid-free paper cases

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Our company production of the modern craft box adopts acid free acid free paper sac insect-resistant paper materials, PH value between 7.5 ~ 8, the paper shows neutral, can effectively delay the acid and alkali of cultural relics, and better preservation of cultural relics. At the same time, acid-free paper by its own characteristics can prevent insects and moisture proof, in the air humidity can also play the role of anti-mildew. The acid-free paper capsule is well made and can be made according to different kinds of cultural relics.
The lock of acid-free paper capsule is made of acrylic rotary buckle, which is environmentally friendly and has a long service life. The properties of acrylic sheets are neutral and the use of acid-free paper clips will not affect the stability of acid-free paper.